Excel Training Files
1 NPER Function ... Read More  

Finding out number of period using NPER function

2 Option Portfolio Profit DASHBOARD ... Read More  

Building Dashboard of Options Portfolio using IF, Array, Data Validation and Chart.

3 Option Payoff Model ... Read More  

Creating  OPTION PAYOFF Model using functions like IF, MAX and Data Validation.

4 Transpose Function ... Read More  

Convert data in COLUMN to ROW and vice-versa using Transpose function

5 Creating Loan Schedule in Excel ... Read More  

The Loan Schedule describes the various components like EMI, Interest Amount, Principal Amount and the balance amount at the end of the period.

6 Calculating Mutual Fund investment Returns ... Read More  

Calculating rate of returns on Mutual Fund Investment scheme

7 TEXT Functions: Extracting Text ... Read More  

Extracting text using TEXT functions of Excel

8 Standard Normal Distribution TABLE in Excel ... Read More  

Creating Standard Normal Distribution Table in Excel

9 VLOOKUP and Data Validation function in Excel ... Read More  

Understanding VLOOKUP and Data Validation function.

10 Balance sheet PLUG ... Read More  

When we do financial statement projection, generally, the balance sheet does not balance. To balance 'Balance sheet', we have option to u

11 DATE Functions in Excel ... Read More  

Understanding basic date functions in excel

12 Loan Amortization Schedule in MS Excel ... Read More  

Creating Loan Amortization Schedule using excel functions like PMT and Absolute

13 NPV and XNPV ... Read More  

Understanding Net present value using MS Excel

14 IRR and XIRR ... Read More  

Understanding IRR and XIRR function of MS Excel

15 PVIF Annuity table using Data table ... Read More  

Creating Pesent value Interest factor Annuity table using data table

16 FVIF Annuity Table using Data Table ... Read More  

Creating Future Value Interest Factor Annuity table using data table

17 Excel data table and Present value interest factor table ... Read More  

Creating Present value Interest factor table using MS Excel data table

18 MS Excel Data Table and Future Value Interest Factor table ... Read More  

19 FVIF table: Future Value Interest Factor ... Read More  

Time Value of Money and Creating Future value interest factor table

20 Excel Data table and Effective rate ... Read More  

Effective Interest Rate using DATA TABLE

21 Effective Interest Rate ... Read More  

How compounding frequency impacts on the effective interest rate

22 Future Value - Compounding ... Read More  

Calculating future value using MS Excel fv function

23 Rate of return ... Read More  

Calculating rate of return using MS Excel Rate function.